Tyler Derr - Teaching Assistant Experience

Michigan State University: Teaching Assistant

CSE 480: Database Systems

Spring 2016 and Spring 2017
Course Description:
Storage of and access to physical databases including indexing, hashing, and range accesses. Relational data models, database design principles, query languages, query optimization, transaction processing and recovery techniques. Object-oriented and distributed databases.

CSE 231: Introduction to Programming I

Fall 2016
Course Description:
Introduction to programming using Python. Design, implementation and testing of programs to solve problems primarily in engineering, mathematics and science. Programming fundamentals, functions, classes, lists, and dictionaries.

CSE 410: Operating Systems

Fall 2015 & Summer 2016
Course Description:
History and evolution of operating systems. Process and processor management. Primary and auxiliary storage management. Performance evaluation, security, distributed systems. Case studies of modern operating systems.

The Pennsylvania State University: Graduate Assistant

COMP 505: Theory of Computation (Graduate Level)

Fall 2014
Course Description:
The course deals with topics in theoretical computer science, including some formal language theory, decidability, undecidability, and computational complexity. .

CMPSC 122: Intermediate C

Fall 2013 & Spring 2014
Course Description:
Object-oriented programming, recursion, fundamental data structures (including stacks, queues, linked lists, hash tables, trees, and graphs), the basics of algorithmic analysis, and an introduction to the principles of language translation.

CMPSC 360: Discrete Mathematics

Spring 2014
Course Description:
Discrete mathematics and foundations for modern computer science. Topics include sets, relations, logic, algorithms, graphs, finite state machines and regular expressions.

CMPSC 441: Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2014
Course Description:
Problem solving, search techniques including local search and genetic algorithms, knowledge representation, planning, learning, and neural networks.

CMPSC 469: Formal Languages

Fall 2013
Course Description:
Regular, context free, recursive, and recursively enumerable languages; associated machine models; applications.